Product-Led Growth, Taylor Swift's Business Strategy, Types of Product Managers, and Accountability Culture"
Pitfall of discovery, Crowded SaaS, Duolingo growth among other reads..

February 2023

Misleading LTV:CAC, Retail dark patterns, Product led sales, and other reads...
Growth Inflection, turnaround in PMing, hooked strategy, and other reads..
Growth Marketing, Know engineering, Canva growth and other reads..
Enshittification, psychology-led growth, product-led onboarding and other reads..

January 2023

How OpenAI Grows, Customer Love, Product channel fit and other reads...
Gamification, Onboarding, growth lessons for product managers and other reads

November 2022

Why Everything Looks the Same, design navigation, product managers role, etc

October 2022

User pathways, product errors, UX golden rules, etc.
Intercom, product discovery, roadmap, etc.
Miro growth, Paddle case, output vs outcome, etc.